Sardinian Discovery is focused on hiking and sea kayaking in Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena Archipeago National Park.
Working since 2004
Company start date: 2007 
Company name: Desiati Claudio
Brand: Sardinian Discovery
VAT number: 00390588887
Registered address: Loc. Punta della iacia - 07041 - Arzachena
Authorization: chamber of commerce
Certification: hiking guide and sea kayaking coach, registered at La Maddalena National Park  
Working area: Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena Archipeago National Park
Contact: Claudio Desiati
Language: Italian and English
Phone and WhatsApp: +39 338 830 1311
Skype: claudio.desiati
Website :
Instagram: SardinianDiscovery
YouTube: Sardinian Discovery
Facebook: SeaKayakingSardinia
Facebook: SardinianDiscoveryAdventureSchool
Twitter: SardinianDiscov


Hiking guide

Certified by Sardinian Government

Sea kayak coach

Certified by FICK - Italian Canoe Kayak
Federation. This is the italian certification of EPP - Euro Paddle Pass - the European kayak standard.

Basic Life Support Defibrillation

Certified by American Heart Association