Adventure Tourism Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, perhaps with the lowest density of population, this fact makes Sardinia very wild.
Sardinia is beautiful, the dream of all Italian holidaymakers, today the second Italian destination for "Adventure Tourism" which is now growing very fast.
Due to a low population and a growing request of Adventure Tourism, Sardinia is very attractive for new suppliers who come from all over the world (Italy and Sardinia included) to run their services.
Two reserches, one made by the Regional Government and one by Confcommercio in agreement with the Chambre of Commerce, show how a wide percentage of those providers are not ready to work in this kind of business.
These reserches report the following problems:
• many activity providers don't have the right skills to run this business;
• others are not covered by insurance;
• others work completely in black with fake associations;
• others are not in line with regional and national legislation;
• others provide illegal services such as wild camping in National Parks.
Confcommercio has an important role in the rearrangement of the Adventure Toursim in North Sardinia in agreement with the chamber of commerce, in fact Confcommercio has run a 2-year long reserch about providers, rules, legislation, insurances, skills and so on.

Confcommercio has selected its members in respect of the specific standards.